2001 Beetle with Spare Tire Fuel Tank

This is a spare tire conversion in a 2001 VW Beetle TDI. The spare tire has been removed to make space for a 13 gallon aluminum vegetable oil fuel tank. The tank sits flush in the trunk and has a recessed cut out for the sending unit. The tank also has a tube welded in the center to allow for mounting to the factory hardware that secures the OE spare tire. The fill for the tank is located behind the license plate allowing the owner to fill from outside the vehicle, this way there is never any mess inside the car. The entire tank and heat exchanger are made of aluminum. There are three fuel switching valves and a top-loading veggie fuel filter mounted under the hood. The valves are plumbed so that there is no cross contamination between fuel systems and a quick purge time of less than 2 min. The filter is easy to change and the replacement cost for a filter element is less than $10. The gauges are mounted in black cups that bolt below the dash and the switch mounts in one of the factory knock-outs, leaving for a clean look inside the car with no exposed wires or factory parts damaged in the install process.