2005 E320 CDI with Automated Switching and Custom Aluminum Trunk Tank

This is a custom system installed on a 2005 E320 CDI. The SVO fuel cell is a custom 20 gallon tank that fits in the trunk and still allows access to the spare tire and leaves plenty of space in the trunk. To ensure that no grease spills in the trunk there is a catch basin welded around the fill and a sight tube on the side of the tank. This vehicle is controlled by a automated controller that monitors the fuel temp, coolant temp, and fuel pressure and only runs on SVO when it is safe for the vehicle. The SVO system is pressurized by a 60 psi FASS fuel pump that is installed under the hood. The twin GV-10 valves enable the controller to toggle supply and return fuel separately running purge cycles to eliminate any cross contamination between fuel systems.