Full Circle Fuels is pleased to offer educational workshops. We understand that some people are interested in doing their own conversions and we support this. We offer workshops that range from understanding how a basic diesel fuel system works to classes that cover a complete conversion from start to finish. Please see below for information on upcoming workshops. If you are interested in learning more or want to be notified of upcoming workshops feel free to email


Mercedes Fuel System, FEB 11th 2011

Are you interested in converting your own diesel mercedes to burn vegetable oil? Do you want to get some hands on experience with the a fuel system on a 80's mercedes diesel? If you do then you should sign up for this one-day workshop at Full Circle Fuels.

The "mercedes diesel SVO fuel system workshop" at full circle fuels will be held in Hudson NY. This afternoon workshop will be from noon to 4 pm on February 11th, 2011. Over the course of these four hours we will talk about the basic principals behind how to route fuel system when doing a SVO conversion. We will focus exclusively on the 4 cylinder mercedes diesel engine and not only will we talk about how to route the fuel lines but we will actually replumb the fuel system on a 240D.

Specific work to be done includes:

Installing valves
Isolating the stock diesel fuel filter so only diesel goes through it
Swapping stock banjo bolt to prevent cross contamination
Installing a vacuum gauge
Installing a clear window in the fuel system
Bleeding air out of a fuel system
Test driving on grease

The workshop fee will be $80. This workshop is geared towards people who would like to do their own conversions and want a better understanding on the ways to tackle the fuel system on an older mercedes diesel. To register simply email, please register before monday february 6th. If you can't make this specific workshop but would like to be informed about future workshop please send me an email. .