SVO Conversions

Whether you own a VW Beetle, a full sized pick-up truck, or an over-the-road semi we know how to make your diesel run on vegetable oil. Since 2005, Full Circle Fuels has been modifying diesel vehicles to burn vegetable oil. We have converted over 300 vehicles including everything from compact cars to semi trucks. We can assist you with every aspect of your conversion from system design to installation to oil collection and filtration to maintenance and service. Currently we have two locations, our original shop in Oberlin Ohio and our headquarters in Hudson New York. We are also the most experienced dealer/installer for Golden Fuel Systems (GFS) - the nation's leading conversion technology company. In addition to installing standard GFS systems we have developed custom designs for many different systems including Suburbans, Blazers, Excursions, Dodge Rams, Chevy Duramaxes, and many others. If you can't sacrifice any bed space in your truck, we have a solution for you: our local welder can make any custom tank needed to fit under your vehicle, in your spare tire area, or any other tight spot. We also have access to new and used parts from a wide variety of different vehicles. Whatever your need is chances are we have already done a system that would work for you and if we haven't, we are always happy to work with you to design one.

It takes 2 full days to get a conversion done- for example if we get the vehicle before 10am Monday is will be done by 5pm on Tuesday. Semis, motorhomes, buses and custom jobs typically take 3 days. We provide 20 gallons of filtered SVO per conversion, enough to test drive the system and get you on the road. If you are interested in purchasing more fuel when you get your conversion we can always fill you up the rest of the way.