2002 2500HD Duramax with 40 Gallon Trekker Integrated On-Board Filtration System

This is an install done on a 2002 Chevy 2500HD with the Duramax engine. This is a twin Trekker system with integrated on board filtration. Both tanks are 40 gallons and the rear tank is for dirty grease while the front tank is for clean grease. There is a filter and pump that is controlled from the cab to allow the operator to filter from the dirty tank into the clean tank while driving down the road. The system uses three valves to control supply and return fuel and also has a purge valve to eliminate any cross contamination. The stock fuel system is left entirely factory and the filters are separated so that the systems are completely redundant. There are fuel gauges for both tanks and a vacuum gauges to monitor restriction in the fuel system. These are all installed in a A-Pillar that is painted to match the interior.